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Holds 1000 ft of 2 - 4 mil. barricade tape

Dispense tape easily with one hand

Serrated edge cuts tape quickly

Notch secures loose end

No loose parts when reloading

Actual size 8.75 x 3.64 x 4.88

1000' Barricade Tape
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TapeWiz Pro
42003 TapeWiz Pro Barricade Tape Dispenser
Tape Combos-2 mil
42020 TapeWiz Pro with 1000 ft. Ylw Caution Tape-2 mil
42022 TapeWiz Pro with 1000 ft. Ylw Police Line - 2 mil
42024 TapeWiz Pro w/1000 ft. Red Danger - 2 mil
42027 TapeWiz Pro w/1000 ft. Ylw Fire Line DNC - 2 mil
Tape Combos-4 mil
42025 TapeWiz Pro w/1000 ft. Ylw Electric Line - 4 mil