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Product Features


Stringliner Pro and LevelWiz

The Stringliner Pro and LevelWiz reels have some unique features that make our reels different from others on the market.

Patented Handle

  • Is reloadable, allowing you to replace rolls of twine as needed. Simply grasp the top and bottom "shoulders" of the reel handle and pull apart as shown in the illustration. Slide a new roll onto the spindle and push the two pieces of the handle back together.
  • Allows the roll of twine to spin freely, to release the line without twisting or knotting
    Easy Rewind:auto-rewind using power screwdriver

    The line can be rewound manually, using the knob on top, or by using a power screwdriver in the slot on the bottom of the handle.

    no loose ends:

    secure loose string end in notchThe loose end of the twine can be secured in the convenient notch on the top of the handle.


    level stores on handleThe LevelWiz has a precision line level that stores right on the handle!




    braided vs. twistedbraided and twisted mason line
    Stringliner replacement line rolls come in two varieties: Braided or Twisted. #18 nylon mason/construction line has a tensile strength of 165 lbs. and both braided and twisted varieties are durable options which will resist mildew. The one you choose depends on the project, environment, and other conditions it will be subject to, and cost considerations.

    Braided line
  • Won't unravel as easily when cut or reused
  • More resistant to abrasion
  • Doesn't spin as much when used with a plumb bob
  • *The mixed color options (black/white, black/orange, black/yellow, and black/fl. yellow) are "Bonded" for extra durability. Bonding is a process that coats the string to make it more wear, uv, and water resistant. The line is stiffer and easier to tie knots, and the ends won't fray as much when cut.

     Twisted line

  • Less expensive
  • You get about 8% more line per roll than braided
  • Useful for layout, masonry, general marking tasks




    LINE BONEbraided and twisted mason line

    The line bone is a masonry accessory tool which allows you to set a level line to layout concrete block wall courses. Follow the instructions below on how to use the Line Bone, or check out this short video to see the Line Bone in use.

    You will need 2 Line Bones to set your line.

    1. Knot the end of your string line to the knob on the top of the Line Bone.

    2. Position the Line Bone along the top edge of your concrete block, on the far side of the center divider, as seen in the illustration above. Roll out your line to the end block on the other side of your wall.

    3. Wrap the string around the body of the second Line Bone.  Position the Line Bone along the top edge of the block at the center divider and wrap the string around the knob. Tighten the string if necessary so you have a taut, level line between your two end blocks.